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Leather MA-1 Winter-Weight Flight Jacket
Leather MA-1 Winter-Weight Flight Jacket
The Leather MA-1 Winter-Weight Flight Jacket premium cowhide leather winter-weight flying jacket styled as the classic Leather MA-1. Small diamond pattern quilted lining with polyester interlining, antiqued brass zippers on front and utility pocket, 100% wool ribbed knit collar, waistband and cuffs, antique snap fasteners, and inside pocket. Here is a different design style of the quality of jacket you really want. This classic style will wear for years and still be in style. What you want in a jacket is one that will do the job, look good, keep you warm and last more than one year! With this cowhide leather jacket all you need to do is to wear it, treat it well and you will have a jacket that will last you for many years. The price is less than you would think for a jacket of this quality, get yours today.

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